Side to One

Side to One

Past events..

Adelaide Festival Centre 27-30 July, 2011
Parramatta Riverside 10-13 August, 2011

Side to One is a duet choreographed and performed by Lisa Griffiths and Craig Bary with live projected animation and sound by Adam Synnott. Exploring the concepts of soul mates and intuition, Side to One follows two individuals destined to connect. Attracted like magnets they are never static, but constantly evolving in a heightened state of connected energy. At its simplest, the work traces the trajectory of a relationship from its first fragile intensity to inseparable unity to dangerous territory. But these two are not necessarily lovers and clever ambiguities open up other readings.

A large light-box set is used as a versatile stage and lighting device which the dancers perform on, in and around. The light effectively manipulates the space and shifts perceptions of the physical and emotional ‘togetherness’ - or not – of the relationship. The choreography is highly technical with intimate moments enhanced by live interactive visuals and sound. Extremely intimate duets are both a metaphor in this work and something of a signature in Lisa and Craig’s movement language. It is derived of a choreographic pressure point’ technique they have developed (and are still developing) where movement is generated by pressing parts of two bodies and visualising the one. The work looks sleek and sophisticated and has a voyeuristic feel where emotions are experienced through the private interplay between soul-mates.

Adam Synnott’s animations respond in real time to Lisa and Craig's movements on stage. He also plays guitar, keyboards and sequencers to generate a live sound score each night. The images are sometimes unifying and sometimes provide a counterpoint. They both support thematics – like a soul outside the body or spilled blood – and are abstracted visuals. The live interaction of animation and sound with the dance injects an element of the unknown, puts the “relationship” on an edge and means each performance is subtly different.

World Premiere of Side to One was on 27 July 2011 at the Adelaide Festival Centre, Space Theatre

Choreographer/Performer/DirectorLisa Griffiths
Choreographer/Performer/DirectorCraig Bary
Media Artist and Sound DesignAdam Synnott
Initial Projection DesignJason Lam
Lighting DesignerBen Flett
Production Manager/Set constructionCraig Clifford
ProducerRosalind Richards Artful Management

Side to One was developed with support from the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, and the government of South Australia through Arts SA. The work was made through ADT Enhanced, Critical Path and Performance Space residencies. Thanks also to Leigh Warren and Dancers, Ausdance NSW and Queen St Studios.

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