No Success Like Failure

The Fondue Set

In No Success Like Failure the Fondue Set itself gets blown apart into tiny pieces and reformed spectacularly with the help of UK director Wendy Houstoun. Part talent quest! part educational forum and part cabaret! A hilarious "How To" show that leaves you misguided, misdirected and on a crystal clear path to nowhere. There is motivational dancing, negative cheering, successful snoring, hypnotism, word bingo and more! All is not what it seems in this instalment of Sydney's most motivated, clever and moving dance company. Watch and learn!!

Failure never looked so good, so silly, so successful...and so intelligent as The Fondue Set, with a helping push from collaborating director Wendy Houstoun, achieve a new level of wit in a bizarrely coherent show that is as carefully paced as it is manic. Keith Gallasch, Realtime 2008

The Studio, The Sydney Opera House - June 2008
Campbelltown Arts Centre - June 2008
Arts House North Melbourne Town Hall - August 2008
Dance Massive - Mar 5 to Mar 8, 2009

Created and performed by Emma Saunders, Elizabeth Ryan and Jane McKernan
Direction in collaboration withWendy Houstoun
Design in collaboration withAgatha Gothe-Snape
Lighting Design and ProductionNeil Simpson
ProducerRosalind Richards (Artful Management)