The Impro-Lab: TRANSPARENCIES performances at the opera House studio built on a series of laboratories and residencies in Australia and Japan throughout 2006 as part of the celebrations of fifty years of exchange between the two countries.

Impro-Lab specifically addresses interdisciplinary improvisation and is concerned with the language forged in the instantaneous meeting between music, dance and visual media. It is an open-ended process of exchange exploring the ecology of improvisation. Each year since, an impro-lab has taken place at Critical Path, Sydney’s centre for choreographic research.

At the time of the performances at the Sydney Opera House Studio, the process had involved a 12-day lab for nine artists at the University of Sydney; a 1-month residency for two artists in Japan as part of Asialink's Neon Rising project, a 17-day new media residency for four artists at Perth Institute of Contemporary Art 9PICA); a 12-day lab at The Drill supported by Critical Path for all nine artists, including an exchange with eighteen NSW dancers and musicians.

Drawing on their cultural and artistic backgrounds each artist brought diverse abilities and concerns to an exploration of compositional and aesthetic strategies. Each meeting/performance developed the ability to engage with particular environments and to work with and through the conceptual, ethical and energetic dynamics at play between performer and audience.

De Quincey Co is a dance-performance company based in Sydney which builds on several decades of work by dancer-choreographer Tess de Quincey in Europe, Japan, India and Australia. The dance work is based in Body Weather which is a contemporary dance training founded in Japan by butoh dancer Min Tanaka, melding Asian and Western practices and thought. De Quincey Co is the only company in Australia working on the base of Body Weather. Founded in principles of dialogue and exchange, Body Weather is a practice which questions the relationship between form and sensitivity and aspires to generate a danced ecology and a reflective performance environment.

Performances: The Studio, Sydney Opera House, 24 & 25 November 2006

ConceptTess de Quincey
PerformersTess de Quincey, Peter Fraser, Yumi Umiumare, Tony Yap
MusiciansChris Abrahams – keyboards, Sachiko M - sinewaves (Japan), Jim Denley – wind instruments
VocalistAmi Yoshida - (Japan)
Poet/vocalistAmanda Stewart
Visual DesignerSamuel James
Lighting DesignClytie Smith
Production ManagerNarelle Lewis
ProducerRosalind Richards Artful Management
Japan LiaisonHisao Saegusa
Impro-Lab 2006 was created in partnership with machine for making sense and supported by Arts NSW, the Australia Council, Asialink, Department of Performance Studies - The University of Sydney (Department for Performance Studies) and PICA. Australia Council for the Arts logo Arts NSW Logo