In Glass

In Glass

In Glass is a duet choreographed by Narelle Benjamin inspired by the stunning dance partnership of Paul White and Kristina Chan. In Glass premiered at the Sydney Opera House Studio as part of Spring Dance 2010 with a sell-out season of six performances.

Narelle's starting point for the work is her observation of Paul and Kristina performing together. “It’s as if they are one person: the male/female version of each other. They are so intuitive and connected”. Using live dance, mirror reflection and film projection she creates a kaleidoscopic realm to explore states of unconsciousness, altered realities and mythical places. Reflecting - literally - states of opposites and the slippery spaces between, In Glass questions the twinned positions of male and female, good and bad, conscious and unconscious. Through the reflective surfaces on stage the choreography is doubled or made incorporeal. Haunting shapes overlap and intersect; motion travels from one form to another. Bodies pair, duplicate and split apart. The audience is folded in to a world of ‘otherness’, hovering at times on a liminal threshold, as In Glass delves into mysterious places where it is uncertain where one person ends and another begins.

Sam James video art plays on the mirrors that become cinematic screens. Morphing from reflective surface to filmic depth, these mirror-screens create rippling waves of space and action, multidimensional zones that morph as if in a dream. Prior to performance, the mirrors reflect the audience, casting them within the stage space and then turning them upon themselves. As the dancers dance we see their backs, taking us behind, beyond a performing surface, only to have these visions thrown back at us, encircling and involuting the performative image. Then James steps in and tunnels us into deep, deep space where we chase avatars and where images shrink into oblivion. Pauline Manley, Real Time 100

Paul White and Kristina Chan are outstanding interpreters of Narelle’s movement language, described as 'creamily athletic choreography'. They give intense, harmonious performances displaying exceptional flexibility and control and totally attuned to each other. Their partnering is borne of an utterly shared temporal and spatial sense. They are virtuosic - but quietly, deceptively. In this work Narelle's choreography has developed beyond “yoga-inspired” into something very much its own and as well as being complex and layered, In Glass is also very accessible.

World Premiere Season 7-12 September 2010, Spring Dance, Sydney Opera House
Dance Massive, 15 - 20 March 2011, Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne

ChoreographerNarelle Benjamin
ComposerHuey Benjamin
PerformersKristina Chan and Paul White
Visual DesignerSamuel James
Costume DesignerTess Schofield
Lighting DesignerKaren Norris
Outside EyeJulie-Anne Long
Set ConstructionMark Mitchell, Peter Chrome
Produced byRosalind Richards Artful Management
In Glass was developed with support from the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. Australia Council for the Arts logo