The Curiosities


In 2008 Sue Healey began work on a new collection of work, CURIOSITIES, following the completion of her NICHE series (2002-04) and IN TIME series (2005-07).

The Curiosities is a performance installation – dance and film - about the body. At its heart the work has a curiosity for complexities of form. Through the lenses of both science and art, it asks, what is this body we inhabit? – and begins to look at the architecture of the human body, its intricate structure and evolution, and its emotional and cognitive complexities.

Sue collaborated with leading digital artists and scientists to research material and to inspire new ways of generating images and movement. The result combines live dance with ‘state of the art’ 3d medical imaging technologies. Films of various animals in vitro are incorporated; visualising unseen structures of the body, to create environments for the live dancer to inhabit and work with.

Pilot season, 12 – 16 August 2008, Io Myers Theatre, University of NSW

Choreography and FilmsSue Healey
ComposerDarrin Verhagen
PerformersLisa Griffiths, Rachelle Hickson & Nalina Wait.
AnimatorAdnan Lalani
Digital ArtistAdam Synnott
Publicity AssistantAlana Basile
ProducerRosalind Richards Artful Management
The Curiosities was developed through a Critical Path residency at Io Myers Studio (March 2007), a Performance Space residency (May 2007) and a new work grant from the Australia Council. The pilot season was supported by the Creative Practice Research Unit at Io Myers Studio, School of English, Media and Performing Arts, UNSW. Australia Council for the Arts logo Critical Path D/lux Media Arts UNSW The Performance Space