As You Take Time

As You Take Time – Toki To Tomoni is the culminating work in Sue Healey's series IN TIME - a suite of works for film and performance, devoted to ideas and perceptions about time:

Three Times (2004)
  • Dance film
  • finalist Reeldance 2006,
  • Special mention Napolidanza, Italy 2006
Once in a Blue Moon (2005)
  • Dance film for three performers and mothers
  • finalist Best Dance film Ausdance awards 2006
Inevitable Scenarios (2006)
  • Full length work for six dancers
  • presented by Sydney Opera House
  • toured to Artshouse, Melbourne.
Will Time Tell? (2006)
  • Short film
  • finalist Dance on Camera New York 2007

As You Take Time the performance installation, addresses the partnership of projection as narrative framing, as well as being a light source for the dance. It creates a filmic and temporally altered environment for the dance to inhabit - a magical and contemplative space.

As You Take Time is drawn from the surreal shift in perception of time, when one is immersed in a new culture. It explores differences between Japan and Australia; How do the Japanese think about time? Do we have a peculiarly Australian way of dealing with time? In this speed-obsessed age of ours, what do we do to cope with the ever-increasing pace?

While in Japan, Sue and the dancers found some intriguing solutions such as a fishing pond in central Tokyo, where people go to be still, contemplate time and simply fish. Japan is an ideal place to compare perceptions of this slippery subject. The pace and rhythm of life is intensely different. The contrasts are extreme and make for dramatic and sensual movement expositions. The dancers are choreographed into the projected imagery, emphasizing acute tempo contrasts; from the chaotic streets of Shinjuku to the centuries old Meiji forest; from the frenetic speed of trains to creating a moment where time seems to stand still.

A meditation on scale and speed, the images are manipulated in size and tempo. Small scale film images flicker onto a body moving very fast, large scale video is dramatically slowed to emphasize the passing of time. Each frame is choreographed with particular attention to speed, rhythm and timing.

Suspended screens frame the space for the performance, it is an immersive and sensory experience for the audience who observe at close proximity to the action, moving between rooms.

ChoreographySue Healey
ComposerBen Walsh
PerformersLisa Griffiths, Rachelle Hickson, Kei Ikeda, Nalina Wait, Norikazu Meada
Projection DesignJason Lam, Adam Synnott
ProducerRosalind Richards Artful Management

World premiere season: Gallery 4a, Sydney, 14-25 August 2007
Time Transcendance Performance Conference, Melbourne, October 2009
International Festival of Arts and Media, Yokohama, Japan, November 2009

As You Take Time –Toki To Tomoni was first developed (as Will time Tell?) in Japan with support from Asialink and the Australia Council through the Neon Rising project in 2003 that celebrated 50 years of cultural exchange between Japan and Australia; and further developed in Australia with support from Critical Path, the Japan Foundation and the Australia Council. Australia Council for the Arts logo Asialink Logo