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Tangi Wai…the cry of water Victoria Hunt

Artful Management Pty Ltd was established by Rosalind Richards to support her activity as an independent producer and through which she facilitates the realisation of projects by independent artists.

Artful Management exists to provide an infrastructure to assist independent artists to achieve their creative goals. It offers strategic project management and creative producing to ensure that artists fulfil their ideas and are able to focus their energy on artistic matters. Artful Management acknowledges the independent artist as a ‘small business’ with creative assets and brings its understanding of the cultural sector and business landscape to the special relationship with each artist to develop, implement and evaluate projects.

Our guiding principles are:

Aims include:


Rosalind established Artful Management in 1992 operating at first as a sole trader.Between 1995 and 2005 Rosalind worked at the Australia Council during which time Artful Management was inactive. Artful Management Pty Ltd was formed in 2006 and since then has produced:

  • Impro-Lab by De Quincey Company at Critical Path, The Sydney Opera House Studio and 45 Downstairs, Melbourne (2006)
  • construct by Tanja Liedtke which premiered at the Southbank Centre in London in May 2007 followed by a tour to Eastleigh, Bristol and Manchester
  • As You Take Time by Sue Healey at Gallery 4a-Asia Australia Arts Centre, Sydney (August 2007)
  • 2008 Sydney Festival season of Tanja Liedtke’s construct at the Playhouse, Sydney Opera House
  • Premiere season of The Fondue Set’s No Success Like Failure at the Sydney Opera House Studio (June 2008) and subsequent seasons at Campbelltown Arts Centre and Arts House (Melbourne).
  • The Curiosities by Sue Healey at Io Myers Studio, Sydney (August 2008)
  • Dance Massive season of No Success Like Failure at Arts House, Melbourne (March 2009)
  • Creative development of The Oracle by Meryl Tankard (2009)
  • Opening and Closing Ceremony by Jane McKernon – at Arlington Oval, Sydney for Performance Space’s Halls4Hire season (2012).
  • In Glass by Narelle Benjamin – development (2009); premiere season as part of Spring Dance at the Sydney Opera House (September 2010); Malthouse Theatre, Dance Massive (March 2011)
  • Forseen – remount and presentation of Narelle Benjamin’s The Dark Room and Frances Rings’ Debris as a double bill at Parramatta Riverside Theatres, Western Sydney Dance Action’s Dance Bites 2011
  • Side to One by Lisa Griffiths and Craig Bary – development (2009-11); premiere season for InSpace program, Adelaide Festival Centre (2011); Lennox Theatre: Parramatta Riverside Theatres as part of Western Sydney Dance Action’s Dance Bites program (2011)
  • Hiding in Plain Sight - creative development by Narelle Benjamin (2012)
  • Copper Promises: Hinemihi Haka by Victoria Hunt – toured to The Place (London) for Origins Festival 2013 and to Kitchener (Canada) for the IMPACT Festival 2015.
  • Still Point Turning by Linda Luke- premiere at Dance House for the 2014 Melbourne International Festival and to Riverside Theatres, Parramatta for FORM Dance Projects 2014 Dance Bites.
  • Tangi Wai…the cry of water by Victoria Hunt – premiere season as part of Performance Space’s LiveWorks Festival (Carriageworks, 2015) and to Arts House (Melbourne) for 2017 Dance Massive.